Bonsai for beginners

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What is really important for bonsai for beginners ?

Bonsai for beginners are very sturdy bonsai. They tolerate pruning and care mistakes well, endure extreme situations and grow fast.

Bonsai for beginner with small restrictions

Bonsai marked with e also suitable for beginners. However, there are small features to note (see page bottom). Otherwise, they are also very straightforward.

English names A-Z

Botanical names A-Z

Indoor bonsai

Outdoor bonsai

  • Azalea Bonsai: Attention during wiring: Branches break easily
  • Japanese maple bonsai: Put it in partial shade in high summer and keep it moist, otherwise the leaf tips will dry
  • Larch bonsai: Repot exactly when the buds open in March
  • Olive bonsai tree: Can only withstand light frosts. Slow growing
  • Privet Bonsai: Sometimes attact by rust fungi but can be well combated with fungicides