Bonsai for beginners

What is really important for bonsai for beginners ?

Bonsai for beginners are very sturdy bonsai species. They tolerate pruning and care mistakes well, endure extreme situations and grow fast.

  • Indoor bonsai: Place it very bright, right by the window. In winter as cool as possible.
  • Bonsai wiring: Not essential. Styling functions good by cutting shape.
  • Bonsai fertilisation: March-September with the usual Bonsai fertilizers.
  • Bonsai watering: Not too wet and not too dry. Usually these bonsai tolerates short periods of dryness.
  • Bonsai pruning: May-July after growth and need or your goal of design.
  • Bonsai overwintering: Protect outdoor bonsai in periods of frost from dehydration (greenhouse, foil tent, sinking in the garden).
  • Bonsai repotting: February-March in well drained bonsai soil

Bonsai for beginner with small restrictions

Bonsai marked with e also suitable for beginners. However, there are small features to note (see page bottom). Otherwise, they are also very straightforward.

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