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Apple (Malus)

Apple tree bonsai is particularly suitable for styling. You can find apple bonsai in almost every collection. Apple trees are suitable as bonsai for beginners to get started in the hobby. This bonsai species is one of the hardy outdoor bonsai. Apple bonsai tolerate full sun.

What are the advantages of an apple tree bonsai ?

  • Many apple species bloom profusely as a bonsai tree. Many fruits develop. These often hang on the tree for a long time
  • Bonsai care is easy. That is why an apple tree is good for beginners or as a gift
  • Rapid growth with good thickening. Bonsai with a strong trunk can be developed quickly
  • Large wounds close quickly after pruning a bonsai

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Care in a nutshell

Wiring: After the leaves have fallen in autumn, the bonsai wire can be applied well. The young shoots can still be bent well after 1-2 years. If the wire presses into the bark, the bonsai wire should be removed at this point. It is best to use wire cutters for bonsai. You can use it to cut the wire into small pieces without damaging the tree.

Fertilisation: Fertilize plentifully from March to September with organic Bonsai fertilizer such as Biogold, Hanagokoro or liquid fertilizer.

Irrigation: Do not keep too dry. Water an apple tree bonsai evenly, especially before and during flowering and fruit ripening, to ensure a rich fruit load.

Pruning: Don't cut short shoots too much and especially not too late. Otherwise many flower buds will be removed and flowering and fruiting will be sparser in the following year. Larger branches are removed with sharp concave cutter and the wounds are treated with wound sealant. As a result, they close better and faster.

Overwintering: Tolerates even the deepest sub-zero temperatures in the foil tent. Both the ornamental apple bonsai and the wild apples have no problem with temperatures of -10°C in winter. The apple bonsai only have to be protected from drying out if the soil is frozen. Best is to place it into a foil tent or greenhouse with high humidity.

Repotting: In early March, repot it into well-drained bonsai soil (Akadama) with a strong root cut. If the bonsai pot is very heavily rooted, up to 50% of the roots can be removed when repotting.

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