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Snow rose (Serissa)

Snow rose bonsai (Serissa foetida) are easy-care indoor bonsai with lots of flowers and interesting roots. The small, white flowers (June-July) of a Snow rose (Serissa foetida) are very decorative and beautiful to look at. The Snow rose can (with proper bonsai care) be kept indoors as a bonsai all year round.

Due to its vigorous growth, the great flowers and the naturally small, shiny green leaves, the Serissa is a popular tree species for bonsai styling and, in a bright location, is also suitable as a bonsai for beginners.

We import Serissa bonsai directly from the producer in China. Here you can buy your bonsai. You get exactly the bonsai tree you ordered in the shop. Safely packaged.

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Care in a nutshell

Wiring: Serissa bonsai branches break easily. That is why you have to be careful when attaching bonsai wire and bending the shoots

Fertilizing: Fertilize regularly with organic bonsai fertilizer (Biogold, Hanagokoro or bonsai liquid fertiliser) during the growth period from March to September

Watering: Water moderately, i.e. not too wet and not too dry

Pruning: Prune twice in May and July with sharp bonsai scissors. The Snow rose drives well out of the old wood

Overwintering: Overwinter very brightly and cool (8-10°C), if possible right next to the window

Repotting: Repot into well-drained bonsai soil (e.g. Akadama) at the beginning of March

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