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Mycorrhiza for bonsai

What is mycorrhiza for bonsai ?

Mycorrhiza (mykes = fungus, rhiza = root) is a partnership (symbiosis) between fungi and the roots of plants. Most bonsai live in symbiosis with several mycorrhizal fungi (ectomycorrhiza, endomycorrhiza, VAM mycorrhiza). Such a symbiosis is vital for many bonsai species.

The mycorrhizal fungus provides the bonsai tree with nutrients and water better and strengthens its resistance against wood-destroying fungi. In return, the tree provides the fungi with sugar.

Mycorrhiza develops automatically after repotting a bonsai into a mineral bonsai soil such as Akadama, Kanuma or Kiryu. This process can be significantly accelerated by admixing. This can reduce repot stress. Mycorrhiza can also help grow garden and street trees.

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