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The Kiryu bonsai soil (also Kiryuzuna) is used especially for repotting pine bonsai and juniper bonsai. These conifer bonsai are not repotted so often. Therefore, a structurally stable substrate like Kiryu as a bonsai soil is the first choice here.

What are the advantages of Kiryu bonsai soil ?

  • Kiryuzuna is great for bonsai species such as juniper or larch bonsai
  • Especially with weakened or sick pine bonsai, potting in pure Kiryu is advisable
  • Kiryu has a high water permeability and thus prevents root diseases after repotting a bonsai
  • Kiryuzuna has also good drainage properties for air - so much oxygen gets to the root of bonsai trees
  • As a bonsai soil Kiryu has no tendency to soil compaction and is very structure stable

The Kiryu bonsai soil is imported directly from Japan. So we can offer you a low price. If you buy Kiryuzuna bonsai soil orders until 14 o'clock will be shipped the same working day.

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The Kiryu bonsai soil is a gravelly granule. A mix of Kiryuzuna with other substrates (especially Akadama) is possible but must be decided case by case.

Depending on the size and vitality of the plant, the substrate must be changed after several years (usually after about 3 years).

The use of organic bonsai fertilizers (for example Biogold, Hanagokoro or liquid fertilizer) has proved its worth well. Due to the slow release process of nutrients, bonsai are adequately and above all evenly supplied over a long period of time. There is hardly any overfertilisation or salinisation of the bonsai soil.

When potting the bonsai, the root hooks and root claws are good for removing the old bonsai soil.

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