Pumice gravel

Pumice gravel: Advantages | Usage
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Pumice gravel or pumice stone is a porous, spongy volcanic rock and much lighter than other rocks of volcanic origin. Pumice even floats on water. The bonsai friends like to use pumice gravel for various bonsai soil mixtures.

What advantages does Pumice gravel have as a bonsai substrate ?

  • Very good air permeability - so much oxygen gets to the root cells of bonsai trees
  • No tendency to soil compaction in bonsai substrates or as admixture to bonsai soils
  • Excellent drainage properties. Very good against root rot after repotting the bonsai
  • The high lime content of the pumice gravel counteracts soil acidification

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How is pumice gravel used in bonsai care ?

A drip tray filled with pumice - increase of humidity and decoration

Indoor bonsai: Drip tray filled with pumice - increase of humidity

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