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We have posted 2 new videos on how to make bonsai pots on our new YouTube channel ( Dot pot ceramics ). Have fun watching them Video: Making bonsai pots with the coil technique


We have been busy making bonsai pots over the last few weeks. Here we show briefly the results. You can find it end of march 2024 in our shop. Enjoy watching


For the friends of pottery: We have posted a time-lapse video of the making of the clay dragon on YouTube. Have fun watching it.


We have dry-heated our wood-fired ceramic kiln. A test object developed an unexpected life of its own. Have fun watching the video (with English subtitles) In the future we will post our


If the latest premium pots are too big or the door of the kiln is too narrow - then a new kiln is needed. And what fits best to handmade unique pieces ? A wood-fired ceramic kiln - i.e. pure


In the last 3 months we have uploaded about 180 new premium bonsai pots (each one unique) into the shop. To improve the clarity these pots have been sorted into a new category. They can be


We have uploaded around 500 new bonsai in the last few days. Serissa (Snowrose), japanese black pines, Chinese elms and amur maple bonsai, among others. Amur maple bonsai (Acer ginnala or Acer


As can already be seen on YouTube in a video (see below), we have decided to produce and offer individually designed bonsai pots (unique specimens) in the future. These are made using various


The containers with bonsai from Japan and China have arrived and been unloaded. For the "impatient" we have uploaded a video to YouTube for a first look at the new product. Some of the bonsai


On May 9th, 2023 we changed our shop software. In this context, for data protection reasons, we have decided not to transfer the old customer data. We would like to ask our regular

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