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Our videos about ceramics and bonsai pots can be found on our YouTube channel Dot pot ceramics.

Satsuki azalea: Styling + pot making + repotting prebonsai

Satsuki azalea: Styling + pot making + repotting prebonsai

We show how to reshape azalea prebonsai in 2 years after radical pruning. A pot was made for one of the bonsai and the tree was then potted. The video should take away some of the fear of drastic pruning.

Satsuki azalea bonsai flower

Satsuki azalea bonsai flower

Satsuki azaleas are among the best flowering bonsai. Satsuki is the traditional name for the 5th month of the year in Japan. It is now May and the azaleas are showing off their fantastic flowering splendour.

Video: Apple tree bonsai - Styling and repotting

Video: Apple tree bonsai - Styling and repotting

A neglected apple bonsai is reshaped and repotted with a vigorous root pruning.

Video: Bonsai pot making - Big pots from Yixing (China)

Video: Bonsai pot making - Big pots from Yixing (China)

Yixing is a well-known pottery town in China. There are many potteries that produce bonsai pots. Some potteries are specialised in really large pots. This video shows how large bonsai pots are made.

Video: Redwood bonsai - Styling of prebonsai

Video: Redwood bonsai - Styling of prebonsai

The redwood is a fast growing species and very suitable for bonsai styling. In this video we show the 1st styling of a prebonsai and the follow up over 2 years.

Video: Making bonsai pots - coil technique

Video: Making bonsai pots - coil technique

We show how to make an oval bonsai pot using the coil technique (Japanese: Himozukuri). It is an old, archaic technique for producing pottery and is well suited for Nanban (= primitive) bonsai pots.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is bonsai

Bonsai (Japanese 盆栽, meaning ""planting in a pot"") are trees in a bonsai pot designed using certain techniques. Bonsai consists of the two word parts Bon = pot and Sai = plant. Bonsai tree is synonymous with the term bonsai in this context.

At the same time, bonsai means an Asian garden art to design and maintain such trees. It is mainly practiced in Japan, Korea and China.

You can buy a bonsai tree here. All bonsai are individually photographed and after a purchase in our online shop, you get exactly the tree you have ordered. Safely packed, the tree will be delivered quickly.

Are bonsai dwarf trees and always small ?

The German Duden explains bonsai by saying that it is a "Japanese dwarf tree" or "the art of pulling dwarf trees practiced in Japan". The view that bonsai are small is so widespread that the word bonsai is often used as a synonym for "small". The same you can find in the Oxford dictionary: Bonsai is "the art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in pots."

The opinion that bonsai are small or even dwarfish is wrong and is based on the ignorance of the writers. Bonsai is above all an artistically designed tree in a pot. It has nothing to do with size - as you can see on the next pictures.

Are bonsai certain tree species or special varieties ?

Bonsai are not special tree species or varieties. Bonsai are normal trees with their specific needs. They are cultivated in bonsai pots and influenced by various techniques in shape and size. The aim is to develop a harmonious and venerable tree in a pot.

But there are tree species particularly suitable for bonsai. These usually tolerate the pruning of bonsai particularly well (e.g. Ligustrum bonsai, Azalea bonsai). There are also varieties (= cultivars) of trees which, for example, have particularly small leaves or needles (e.g. White pine varieties Zuisho and Kokonoe) and are therefore particularly suitable for bonsai design.

Is a bonsai tree suitable as a present ?

A bonsai as a gift is a great idea. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Whether 15 or 150 euros - a bonsai as a gift is available in every suitable price range
  • A bonsai lasts much longer than a bouquet of flowers
  • As a specialist bonsai dealer, we will be happy to advise you before you make a purchase and are also available afterwards at any time
  • You have already bought a bonsai and are looking for help ? Under bonsai tree species you can find care tips
  • We ship immediately after receipt of payment. Often the bonsai is with you the next day. So giving away a bonsai tree makes fun
  • We have already sent tens of thousands of bonsai without damage. Your gift arrives safely packaged and fast
  • You get exact the bonsai tree that you have selected and ordered online in the shop

You can also send the bonsai directly to the recipient. Simply enter a different delivery address. If you don't want an invoice in the package - just send us a short email after your order.

What to consider when buying my first bonsai ?

  • If possible, buy a outdoor bonsai tree. They are adapted to our climate and are easier to maintain.
  • When buying an indoor bonsai, 3 things are important: light, light, light ! Place the bonsai as bright as possible. Especially in winter.
  • Choose a sturdy bonsai for beginners.
  • Sturdy outdoor bonsai species include: Larch bonsai, Apple tree bonsai, all elm bonsai and, above all, Redwood bonsai.
  • Sturdy indoor bonsai are when kept properly: Chinese elm bonsai, Podocarpus bonsai and especially Ficus bonsai.
  • Buy a bonsai best in a specialized bonsai center. In natura, many trees look different than in a picture.
  • Buy a bonsai only online which are individually photographed. Otherwise you might get a bonsai tree that you do not like.
  • Do not buy in the garden market. The staff there are nice but usually have no idea about the bonsai care.
  • Online orders until 14 o'clock we will ship immediately. Mostly the bonsai arrives the next day.
  • For 20 years we have sent tens of thousands of bonsai safely packaged and fast across Europe.
  • Let yourself be advised by a specialist dealer before making a purchase. With the right tips bonsai care is easy.
  • You have already bought a bonsai and are looking for help? Under bonsai tree species you will find care tips
  • With the right bonsai the bonsai care is not difficult. For questions - contact us.

Will the bonsai after purchase come to me safely ?

  • Of course. We have already sent out tens of thousands of bonsai trees without damage. Your bonsai arrives safely packed and fast.
  • It is rare that damage occurs during transport. Then we send replacement or refund the purchase price uncomplicated.

Which species are robust bonsai trees for beginners ?

  • In case of hardy outdoor bonsai an apple tree bonsai is very robust.
  • Indoor bonsai like the Chinese elms and the Ficus are easy to care for.
  • As a specialized dealer, we are happy to advise you before and of course after the purchase of a bonsai.

Do I get the bonsai tree I see in the picture when I buy it ?

  • Yes. You get exactly the bonsai tree, which you see on the picture when buying. We sell all bonsai in the shop for 20 years individually photographed.
  • If you buy a bonsai, it is immediately deleted from our bonsai online shop. You can only buy bonsai trees that are not yet sold.
  • Sample photos as with various providers (sometimes on Amazon or Online garden markets etc.) makes no sense in our eyes. Bonsai are too different.

Should I buy an indoor bonsai or an outdoor bonsai ?

  • Buy an outdoor bonsai tree. These species of bonsai are adapted to our climate and are easier to maintain after purchase.

What needs to be taken care of after buying a indoor bonsai ?

  • Place your indoor bonsai as bright as possible. Especially in winter. Trees need a lot of light to live.
  • Do not water a bonsai too little, but not too much either. The healthy middle is optimal.
  • Repot the bonsai at the right time (early march, every 3 years).

Bonsaischule Wenddorf

Our bonsai nursery, today located in Wenddorf (Germany), was founded in 1993 as a bonsai center in Leipzig. The most important goal from the beginning was the cultivation of high quality bonsai raw material.

In Europe, there is little experience with it. Therefore, all techniques had to be developed independently. Most bonsai friends know: A long, arduous journey. Today we have come a good step closer to our goal. 10000 bonsai blanks with very good roots indicate that.

As a specialized bonsai dealer we have been established our bonsai online shop since 1999. Today we send many 1000 orders annually. You can also visit us directly in Wenddorf and choose your bonsai from us.

In order to guarantee best prices, we import almost all products directly from the manufacturer. Mostly from China, Japan, Taiwan, Spain.

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