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The bonsai pot has a great influence on the effect of the bonsai. The relationship between the pot and the bonsai tree is comparable to the relationship between a picture frame and a picture. The right frame underlines the effect of a picture. Likewise, the pot, discreetly in the background, should emphasize the charisma of our tree. A bonsai pot that is unsuitable in terms of color or size and shape can spoil the overall appearance of the bonsai design. That is why the search for the right bonsai pot is very important.

In order to facilitate the selection of the optimal bonsai pot, we have arranged our offer in groups. In addition, you can limit the variety with the filter in the header of the item list.

Bonsai pots for sale

We importing bonsai pots in large numbers from Asia. Depending on the season, we have around >500 different bonsai pots in stock. Due to the direct import at good prices. Here you can buy your bonsai pot. Since we have all pots in stock, they will be sent immediately. Safely packaged.

What should be considered when buying a bonsai pot ?

  • The bonsai determines the size, shape, color and surface of the pot. It is best to think of the ideally fitting bonsai pot and then go looking for it.
  • Always choose the right pot for a bonsai and not a bonsai for an existing bonsai pot. It is better to search a little more until you have found the right pot than to buy the first one. The choice of specialist dealers is huge. It just takes a little patience to find the right one.
  • If possible, choose bonsai pots in a bonsai nursery and not online. Take the tree with you. At the bonsai dealer you can then place possible pots directly in front of the tree. This is the best way to assess whether the size, color, shape and structure of the bonsai pots match the tree.
  • The problem with buying bonsai pots on site is: Only a few bonsai centers have a sufficiently large selection. Often the dealer in the area only has a small bonsai garden with a few pots. Our recommendation is: there should be at least 500 different pots. And even then it is often difficult to find the optimal bonsai pot. And not buying properly means buying twice.
  • The quality of the bonsai and pot should match. Example: For a 30 Euro Fig tree bonsai with a large cut that has just been bought in the garden market, a hand-made pot for 180 Euro from the master potter is slightly oversized. Such a pot is more worthwhile for the great juniper bonsai from the last Japanese import.
  • The outer dimensions and the visible shape of the bonsai pots must match the trees. If the root ball is still too big for the correct pot, then a larger pot should not be chosen. It is better to reduce the root ball in the next few years so that it fits into the optimal bonsai pot.

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