Handmade bonsai pots

High quality handmade bonsai pots from the well-known pottery town of Yixing. The production of these pots is done by hand with clay slabs in a plaster mold. The leather-hard pot blank is precisely smoothed, constantly aligned and corrected during drying. The bonsai pot is then fired at approx. 1230°C in a gas kiln. Handmade, densely burned bonsai pots hardly absorb any water and are frost-resistant. They are suitable for outdoor bonsai as well as for indoor bonsai.

In addition to the obligatory water drainage holes, these pots usually have additional holes in the bottom of the pot for fixing the root ball with bonsai wire. Fast growth of the bonsai is ensured by a good fixation of the root ball.

Handmade bonsai pots for sale

We import our pots directly from the manufacturer. This allows us to offer you a large selection at low prices. If you buy a pot, it will usually be sent the same day. Have fun choosing.

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