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Hornbeam (Carpinus)

Hornbeam bonsai (Carpinus) grow quickly, tolerate pruning well (hedge plant) and are hardy as outdoor bonsai. Hornbeams are therefore well suited for styling medium-sized to large bonsai. Hornbeam bonsai need a lot of water in midsummer. Otherwise, bonsai care does not require much effort.

We import our hornbeam bonsai directly from Japan. You can buy your bonsai here. You will receive exactly the tree you ordered. Safely packed.

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Care in a nutshell

Wiring: Young shoots are easy to wire. With older branches - take care when applying the bonsai wire and when bending. Traces of the wire can be seen on the smooth bark for a long time

Fertilise: From March to the beginning of October, fertilise with a bonsai fertilizer such as Biogold, Hanagokoro or liquid fertiliser

Watering: Hornbeam bonsai need plenty of water in midsummer. Keep it evenly moist for the rest of the year. I.e. don't water too much but don't let it dry out either

Pruning: This bonsai species tolerates heavy pruning with sharp bonsai scissors or bonsai cutter very well. Large wounds should be treated with wound sealant

Overwintering: As an easy-to-care-for outdoor bonsai, the hornbeam needs a cold palce during winter, e.g. in an unheated foil tent. There, frosts down to -15°C are well tolerated. Some of the dry leaves often remain on the tree until budding in spring

Repotting: Repot at the end of February in a well-drained bonsai soil (such as Akadama imported from Japan)

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