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Bonsai scissors

Bonsai shears are the most important and widely used bonsai tools. They are mainly used for cutting the crown of bonsai. Of all the tools, buy bonsai scissors first.

Leaf cutters are small, springy bonsai scissors for quickly cutting thin, soft shoots and leaves. They are easy to use and inexpensive.

Our bonsai scissors are very sharp and stable. The shoot is cut off smoothly without crushing. The cut heals better and infections are reduced. The bonsai scissors of the quality levels Solid and Top are made of high-quality stainless steel alloys and largely rustproof.

Useful tips

✶ Household scissors should not be used as a substitute for bonsai scissors. Household scissors are not sharp and strong enough. They squeeze the shoot when pruning the bonsai. The wound grows together badly as a result.

✶ Bonsai shears (also stainless versions) benefit from being cleaned and oiled after work. As a result, they run smoothly and there is no risk of rusting. We recommend Ballistol tool oil for maintenance.

✶ Bonsai shears are also used when repotting bonsai to prune the roots. Small stones in the bonsai soil quickly blunt the scissors used for cutting the roots. We strongly recommend using extra scissors to cut the roots.

✶ If a shoot is too thick (clearly >5-6mm), bonsai tongs should be used to cut it. With scissors, stronger shoots are bruised, which heal poorly.

✶ Larger wounds should be treated with bonsai wound closure paste.

We import our bonsai scissors directly from Asia and can therefore offer you affordable prices. If you buy a bonsai scissors, orders placed before 2pm will be dispatched on the same working day.

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