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We have grouped our bonsai into 4 product groups:

  • Indoor bonsai: All bonsai trees that need to be protected from frost. They should not be placed in winter colder than 8°C
  • Mediterranean bonsai: Tolerate light frosts well. Most species are mediterranean trees (olives, pomegranate, mulberries, Podocarpus)
  • Outdoor bonsai: Tolerates even stronger frosts. These are hardy bonsai trees (like Maple, elm, pines, juniper bonsai)
  • Large bonsai, solitaires: High quality individual pieces (bonsai solitaire), selected by us individually in Japan. In the shop often with video

We have been selling bonsai trees online since 2001 and send out many thousands of ordered bonsai trees every year to all EU countries. Due to our many years of experience in the online sales of bonsai, we can guarantee a safe shipping. Our employees are masters in packaging bonsai and so rarely is a tree damaged during shipping. In such cases, you can easily get your money back or you can choose a replacement tree in our online shop.

In our bonsai nursery in Wenddorf we have several thousand bonsai trees more to choose from. If you want to buy your bonsai tree directly from us - we are open from 8am to 6pm on weekdays and from 10am to 1pm on saturday.

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