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How to fix

Root cells of a bonsai, like all plant cells, need oxygen.

A well-drained, coarse-grained bonsai soil and large drainage holes in the bottom of the bonsai pot are important so that enough oxygen comes to the roots.

In the case of large drainage holes, the substrate trickles out of the drainage holes after repotting the bonsai. Therefore these holes are covered with potting mesh (drainage grids). Since they slip easily when potting a bonsai tree, it is important to fix them.

How are they attached ? Very easily. Follow these step by step instructions:

Cut the cover grille

The grille should be slightly larger than the drainage hole in the bonsai pot. It is best to use old bonsai scissors for cutting.

Cut wire

It is sufficient if the fastening wire is approx. 3-4 times as long as the diameter of the drainage hole. 1.5mm aluminum bonsai wire is perfect for this. If the wire is thinner, the grid slips easily. If it is too thick, it is difficult to thread through and bend when attaching the cover net.

Bend wire

The cut piece of wire is bent into a U-shape. The width of the U should match the diameter of the drainage hole.

Fasten the grid

Place the grid in the pot on the hole and push the wire through from the inside to the outside. Then turn the bonsai pot over and bend the wire ends from below until they lie flat on the base of the pot.

If you want to make it particularly beautiful, bend the wire ends a little bit round.

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