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Bonsai fertilize Biogold Liquid fertilizer

The Hanagokoro bonsai fertilizer from Japan is easy to dose and gently releases the nutrients to the bonsai tree over a longer period of time. This ensures an even supply of your bonsai and prevents over-fertilization. Hanagokoro can be used for all bonsai species.

What are the advantages of Hanagokoro bonsai fertilizer ?

  • The Hanagokoro bonsai fertilizer is easy to dose. Simply push pellets into the bonsai soil at a distance of 5cm
  • Gentle delivery of nutrients to your bonsai over a longer period of time
  • This fertilizer only needs to be administered every 6 weeks from March to September
  • No over-fertilization possible. The organic fertilizer must first be broken down. If you give too much, it won't harm the tree
  • Hanagokoro bonsai fertilizer contains algae extracts that promote root development
  • Hanagokoro can also be used for finished bonsai due to its balanced ratio of nutrients
  • Hanagokoro does not smell. That means you can also fertilize your indoor bonsai with it
  • Can be used for all tree species (deciduous trees, conifers, azalea bonsai)
  • The Hanagokoro fertilizer has proven itself millions of times over in Japan over many years
  • Significantly cheaper price than the comparable Biogold bonsai fertilizer
  • If you fertilize, the for bonsai important mycorrhiza is not damaged

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The Hanagokoro fertilizer is produced in many variants. We offer the fertilizer here especially for bonsai and other woody plants such as roses. It is purely organic and consists of rapeseed cake, bone meal, rice bran and algae extracts.

This bonsai fertilizer contains the most important main nutrients (nitrogen 4%, phosphate 5%, potassium 2%) in a very balanced ratio and is therefore well suited for both finished bonsai and young bonsai plants to be grown. The algae extracts have a particularly good effect on root development.

We offer this fertilizer in packs of 500g, 1.8kg and 3kg.

How to use ?

Hanagokoro - Application

Like Biogold, Hanagokoro is very easy to use. Simply place the 1-2cm large pellets at a distance of approx. 5cm on the surface of the earth and then press the pellets into the bonsai soil. If you water beforehand, this is easy. The fertilizer is broken down in the soil by microorganisms over time and releases the nutrients slowly and evenly.

This process depends on the temperature and humidity in the soil. The higher the temperature and the more humid the soil, the more fertilizer is released. This means that your bonsai get fertilizer exactly when they need it during the growing season.

Hanagokoro is used for fertilization from March to September. During this time they have to push new pellets into the soil every 6 weeks.

Alternatively, you can cover the pellets on the surface with fertilizer baskets and some sphagnum moss.

It is also possible to dissolve the pellets in water. To do this, put a handful of water in a 10l container and let it stand in the sun for a few days. Then you can use the water to water your bonsai. The advantage of this method: The warm water also has a beneficial effect on root growth.

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