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The Biogold bonsai fertilizer is very popular as an organic bonsai fertilizer. Biogold is easy to dose, odorless and economical. It was developed in Japan (Prof. Yamaguchi, Ibaragi University) and is produced by the Kyuka-En Bonsai nursery and exported all over the world.

Biogold contains as organic fertilizer all the important nutrients such as nitrogen (5.5%), phosphorus (6.5%) and potassium (3.5%) and the trace elements calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and copper. Biogold can be used for all bonsai but also for other home, balcony and garden plants.

What are the advantages of Biogold bonsai fertilizer ?

  • Organic fertilizer: even release of nutrients, no risk of over-fertilization, no salinisation.
  • Easy to dose: Use 1 pellet on 5x5cm earth surface. After 1-2 months, a pellet is added. The pellets are pressed into the bonsai soil
  • Productive: The bonsai must be fertilized only every 6 weeks in the growing season from March to September
  • No unpleasant smell. Will not be considered by pets and can be used for indoor bonsai.
  • As a complete fertilizer Biogold contains all important nutrients and trace elements for a bonsai tree.
  • Biogold is popular and has proven itself millions of times in Japan
  • Suitable for all deciduous trees, coniferous bonsai trees, azaleas and also for all other indoor plants
  • Biogold is suitable for all Japanese bonsai soil such as Akadama, Kanuma and Kiryua

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Application - how to use ?

Biogold bonsai fertilizer is very easy to use and easy to dose. Simply place the 1-2cm pellets on the surface of the bonsai soil at a distance of about 5cm and press into the ground. If you pour a bonsai before, this is easy. The fertilizer is degraded in the soil over time by microorganisms and releases the nutrients slowly and evenly.

This process depends on the temperature and humidity in the soil. The higher the temperature and the more moist the soil, the more fertilizer is released. So your bonsai get fertilizer in the growing season when they need it.

Fertilization is with Biogold bonsai fertilizer from March to September. During this time, you have to push new pellets into the ground every 6 weeks.

Biogold bonsai fertilizer - usage

Alternatively, cover the pellets on the surface with fertilizer baskets and some sphagnum moss. It is also possible to dissolve the pellets in water. Put a hand ful of Biogold in a 10 liter water can and leave it in the sun for a few days. After that you can take the water for watering your bonsai trees. Advantage of this method: The warm water has an additional beneficial effect on root growth.

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