Liquid bonsai fertilizer

Liquid bonsai fertilizers: Organic + easy to dose ✅ Suitable for indoor bonsai ✅

Advantages of Liquid bonsai fertilizers

  • Easy to dose. Depending on the fertilizer brand, add 1-2 caps to the water and pour daily.
  • Very productive: The fertilizers offered yield about 100-250 liters of water. With 1-2 bonsai they last about 1 year.
  • Gentle nutrient delivery to the bonsai for a long time. All bonsai liquid fertilizers offered here are of biological-organic nature. They are degraded by microorganisms in the soil after the administration and release the nutrients slowly. This ensures a uniform fertilization for a longer period.
  • No overfertilisation possible. The liquid bonsai fertilizers must first be broken down by microorganisms. I.e. even if you give a lot this does not harm your tree.
  • These bonsai fertilizers have a balanced ratio of nutrients. This makes them particularly suitable for ready bonsai.
  • Liquid bonsai fertilizer do not smell in the usual amount. I.e. you can also fertilize your indoor bonsai with it.
  • Lower prices than comparable Japanese fertilizers such as Biogold or Hanagokoro. Especially if you only have one or two bonsai.

Nutrient content

Bonsai liquid fertilizers contain all important main nutrients. Depending on fertilizer brand, nitrogen 1.6-3%, phosphate 4-7%, potassium 5-6%. It also contains calcium, magnesium and the important trace elements.

The nitrogen content of these fertilizers is quite low. Thus they can be used well with finished bonsai. If you want to fertilize young plants or prebonsai with it we recommend to double the dose.

The high proportions of potassium and phosphate have a positive effect on root formation and the willingness of bonsai to flower.


The application of bonsai liquid fertilizers is very simple. Usually 1-2 caps in approx. 2 litres of water and pour regularly.

Liquid bonsai fertilizers - brands

Here in our bonsai shop we offer liquid fertilizers of the brands Explantex, Cuxin and Mairol. As the ratios of the main nutrients are comparable, it does not matter which fertilizer you want to buy. Mairol bonsai fertilizer is the fertilizer with the highest yield. The content of the bottle is enough for 250l water.