Jute root bale fabric and tapes

Root bale fabric and tapes made of jute. Jute is a natural fibre that rots well after use and is completely biodegradable. It is characterised by a high tensile strength and is therefore well suited for packaging purposes.

The jute root ball tissue and jute tapes offered here are well suited for:

  • Tying root balls of nursery plants together as transport protection
  • Fixing the root ball of Yamadori bonsai after excavation
  • To protect the bonsai pot when wintering bonsai by sinking them in the garden
  • To protect the trunk of young trees against being bitten by wild animals (jute tape)
  • To protect the bark during bonsai styling (e.g. during wiring and bending work)
  • The bale cloths and jute bands are popular for decorative purposes (autumn decoration, Christmas time)