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Buddhist pine (Podocarpus)

Podocarpus bonsai (Buddhist pine, Chinese yew) are uncomplicated and are the only coniferous tree suitable for indoor use. The slow-growing Buddhist pine survive temperatures well up to the frost line and can be cared for like a mediterranean bonsai. If Podocarpus is kept as an indoor bonsai, a bright to sunny location by the window is recommended. In winter the temperature should be cool.

The Chinese yew is suitable for both smaller and larger bonsai. After flowering in April-May, Podocarpus also produces eye-catching fruits as a bonsai.

We import the Podocarpus bonsai directly from the producer. You can buy your bonsai here. You will receive exactly the bonsai that you ordered. Safely packaged.

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Care in a nutshell

Wiring: Young shoots are easy to wire. With older branches - take care when applying the bonsai wire and when bending - risk of breakage

Fertilising: From the beginning of spring until September, fertilise with a bonsai fertilizer such as Biogold, Hanagokoro or liquid fertiliser from the shop

Watering: Do not keep too dry. Even moisture is ideal. A ball shower for bonsai is well suited for watering

Pruning: The young shoots are usually only pruned once between May and June with sharp bonsai scissors. Larger wounds are best sealed with wound sealant

Overwintering: Overwinter in a room that is as bright and cool to cold as possible. Temperatures up to 2-3°C are well tolerated

Repotting: Repot at the end of February in a well-drained bonsai soil (such as Akadama imported from Japan)


We buy our Podocarpus bonsai directly from the producer in China. Below you can see some pictures from a shopping trip. By selecting the bonsai directly from the producer and then importing the trees in cooled containers, we can offer you very good quality at a favourable price.

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