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80 years old Japanese red pine in a bonsai pot. This bonsai is approx. 112cm high.

The Japanese red pine (also Japanese red pine, Japanese pine, Korean red pine, japanese Akamatsu - 赤松, botanical Pinus densiflora, family Pinaceae) is an evergreen, two-needled conifer. It is the dominant pine species in Japan and is also native to Korea, southeastern Russia, and northern China. The Japanese red pine reaches a height of 15-20m in its natural habitat, rarely higher.

The light green needles are about 8-10cm long. The thick, cracked bark (reddish brown in young trees, gray in old age) is very attractive. The Japanese red pine is a classic bonsai species that has been cultivated as a bonsai in Japan for hundreds of years.

After breaking out / cutting back the candles from spring, a red pine produces new candles in summer. With this second budding, good results can be achieved quickly when styling.

As a hardy conifer, the Japanese red pine tolerates temperatures well below 0°C. It is a very light-hungry tree species and should be placed as bright and sunny as possible. A well-drained bonsai soil (e.g. Kiryuzuna) is recommended for repotting.

When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 801-01).

Important note on the size: A bonsai is a tree in a bonsai pot. For this reason the size of the bonsai is in every case the size with the bonsai pot.

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