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Japanese maple

Japanese maple bonsai are very popular for bonsai styling. Without these bonsai a collection is not complete. Worthy of note are the colorful leaves of the different varieties (for example the dark crimson young leaves of the variety Acer palmatum Deshojo). The bonsai care is simple.

We import the Japanese maple bonsai directly from the producer. Here you can buy your bonsai. You get exactly the bonsai tree which you have selected in the shop. Safely packaged.

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Care in a nutshell

Wiring: Wire carefully with bonsai wire. The thin bark can be injured quickly. Bend the branches slowly and carefully. Branches are hard and quite brittle

Fertilisation: During growing period from March to September fertilize with a usual bonsai fertilizer (like Biogold, Hanagokoro, Liquid fertilizer)

Irrigation: Especially in midsummer, always keep moist in a semi-shade location

Pruning: By regularly pruning with a sharp bonsai scissors (and pinching), a finely branched crown can be built up quickly. Stronger shoots are removed at the end of winter with sharp bonsai cutter. A wound sealant for bonsai should be applied to larger cuts so that the wounds close better (otherwise they will be visible for a long time on the smooth bark).

Overwintering: Tolerates deepest sub-zero temperatures in foil tent at high humidity well

Repotting: Early march in a well-permeable bonsai soil (for example Akadama) with root pruning. The strong root growth can be used to make bonsai with beautiful roots

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