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Chinese Privet bonsai are popular and widespread indoor bonsai. With adequate bonsai care, privets (Ligustrum sinensis) grow quickly and are therefore well suited for beginners.

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We import the privet bonsai directly from the producer in China. The plants then arrive in Wenddorf in early spring and are completely revised. After that you can buy your privet bonsai here. Orders placed before 2 p.m. on weekdays will be shipped the same day. You get exactly the bonsai you ordered in the shop. Safely packaged. Have fun choosing.

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Care in a nutshell

Wiring: When applying bonsai wire, work very carefully. Privets have a thin, delicate bark. Since the wood hardens quickly, new shoots should be wired early

Fertilizing: Since privet bonsai grow quickly, they should be fertilized abundantly from March to September with a standard bonsai fertilizer (Biogold, Hanagokoro, liquid bonsai fertilizer)

Watering: A privet bonsai needs a lot of water in summer. If they are cared for outdoors in midsummer, they should not dry out

Pruning: With good care, it has to be pruned about 2-3 times a year with sharp bonsai scissors. The wound healing is good but can be promoted by applying wound sealant for bonsai

Hibernation: Hibernation in a very light and cool place (10-12°C). As a tropical tree species, Chinese privets should be protected from temperatures below 6°C

Repotting: Privets quickly form many roots. Therefore, this tree species is repotted every 2-3 years in early March in well-drained bonsai soil. Akadama is well suited

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