Bonsai tools

There are many different types of bonsai tools available at a wide range of prices. What tools are needed for bonsai care and design ?

We have compiled the most important tools for bonsai and recommend at the beginning:

  • Bonsai shears: Most commonly used of the tools. Both for cutting the crown and the root
  • Bonsai pliers: For removing stronger branches and twigs. Bonsai styling is difficult without such bonsai cutter
  • Wire cutters: Particularly important and irreplaceable for removing bonsai wire after shaping
  • Root claw or root hook: Very helpful when repotting bonsai

All tools for bonsai benefit from being cleaned and oiled after work. This keeps them running smoothly for a long time and there is no risk of rust forming. We recommend Ballistol tool oil for maintenance.