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Root cutter 20cm Top stainless

  • SKU: WZ-W-BQ3-E
Item currently out of stock
Root cutter 20cm Top stainless
Item currently out of stock

Root cutter (tongs) for bonsai, 20cm, Top, stainless steel.

Used for cutting (shortening, removing) or splitting small and medium roots when repotting. The cutting surfaces allow a sharp and flush cut. No stub remains. The wounds heal better.

In addition, these tongs are used for splitting trunks lengthwise and for shaping deadwood (Jin = dead branches, Shari = dead trunk areas).

Quality: Top quality, precise and smooth-running. Meets the highest demands. Finely crafted surface. Made of corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel.
Size: 20cm
Weight: 175g
Surface, Design: Polished with sandblasting
Material: High-quality stainless steel alloy from Japan, very corrosion-resistant.
Hardiness (according to Rockwell): 54-56 HRC

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