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Liquid fertilizer

Bonsai fertilize Biogold Hanagokoro

Liquid bonsai fertilizers are productive and can be used for all bonsai. They release the nutrients gently. This means that over-fertilization is not possible. The nutrient ratio is balanced. Liquid bonsai fertilizers do not smell in the usual amounts and are therefore well suited for indoor bonsai.

What are the advantages of Bonsai liquid fertilizers ?

  • Liquid bonsai fertilizers are easy to dose. Simply add to the water and use it to water the bonsai every day
  • Liquid fertilizers are economical. They result in approx. 100-250l of water. For 1-2 bonsai trees it is enough for 1 year
  • The nutrients are released gently.Liquid bonsai fertilizers are organic and slowly release nutrients
  • No over-fertilization. Liquid bonsai fertilizers must first be broken down. If you give too much, it won't damage the bonsai
  • Liquid fertilizers are balanced. With this you can fertilize all bonsai and they can be used well for finished bonsai
  • Liquid fertilizers do not smell and are therefore well suited for indoor bonsai
  • Are cheaper than Japanese fertilizers like Biogold or Hanagokoro

How are Bonsai liquid fertilizers used ?

  • Put 1-2 caps of the fertilizer in approx. 2 liters of water and use them to pour the bonsai regularly
  • A bonsai tree should be fertilized with liquid fertilizers, especially in the growing season from March to September
  • During cultivation, i.e. when cultivating prebonsai, you can also give twice the amount
  • After repotting a bonsai, you should wait about 4-6 weeks before fertilizing

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Nutrient content

Liquid bonsai fertilizers contain all important main nutrients. Depending on fertilizer brand, nitrogen 1.6-3%, phosphate 4-7%, potassium 5-6%. It also contains calcium, magnesium and the important trace elements.

The nitrogen content of these fertilizers is quite low. Thus they can be used well with finished bonsai. If you want to fertilize young plants or prebonsai with it we recommend to double the dose.

The high proportions of potassium and phosphate have a positive effect on root formation and the willingness of bonsai to flower.


Here in our bonsai shop we offer liquid fertilizers of the brands Explantex, Cuxin and Mairol. As the ratios of the main nutrients are comparable, it does not matter which fertilizer you want to buy. Mairol bonsai fertilizer is the fertilizer with the highest yield. The content of the bottle is enough for 250l water.

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