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Satsuki azaleas (Rhododendron indicum) are among the best flowering bonsai. Translated from Japanese, Satsuki means the period from May to June.

And our Satsuki azalea bonsai, imported from Japan, live up to their name. Punctually at the beginning of May, the first bonsai will bloom.

Depending on the azalea variety (and there are many hundreds of Satsuki azaleas), the flowering of the individual azalea bonsai extends into June. Some azalea bonsai form so many flowers that the bonsai tree is often hardly visible anymore.

If the flowers do not get wet when watering the bonsai, the flowers will last about 14 days.

Due to this splendour of flowers, satsuki azaleas are very popular as bonsai. Since bonsai care is relatively easy, they can be called a bonsai for beginners.

When caring for azalea bonsai it is important to note: In order to develop many flowers, the Kanuma bonsai soil imported from Japan should be used for repotting the azaleenbonsai. To fertilize it is best to use azalea fertilizer.

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