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Wound sealant paste

The use of wound sealants for bonsai is recommended for larger cuts. It promotes wound healing and reduces infestation of the cut by fungi.


  • Wound sealant promotes the rapid formation of scar tissue at cutting points on a bonsai. This is especially important for trees with smooth bark (azalea bonsai, privet bonsai, beech and hornbeam bonsai). The faster and less complicated the wound grows closed, the less the scar will be visible later.
  • The wound paste significantly inhibits the penetration of fungal spores into the cuts and thus reduces the risk that the tree can be damaged by fungi.
  • The wound sealing paste reduces the risk that the branch on the bonsai tree drying out after cutting by closing damaged water conduits.
  • The wound sealing paste from Japan can also be used well for garden trees or for sealing grafts on bonsai.
  • The wound sealing paste offered here falls off by itself after 1-2 years or can be easily removed. Softer wound sealants such as LacBalsam are not suitable for bonsai. They cannot be completely removed after bonsai styling.


The application of the wound closure agent from Japan offered here is very simple: Open the can - moisten your fingers a little with water (so that the wound paste does not stick to your fingers) - take out some wound closure paste and form a small ball - press it on the cut on the bonsai until the wound is closed. With a little skill you can close the wound cleanly with very little paste.

Here you can buy wound sealant for bonsai. We import it directly from Japan and have had the best experience with it. When used correctly it is very economical. A 160g can often lasts for many years.

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