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Shear normal 20.5cm Solid black

  • SKU: WS-BN-Q2-G
Item currently out of stock
Shear normal 20.5cm Solid black
Item currently out of stock

Bonsai scissors, normal, 20.5x7.5cm, Solid, black. Important tool for bonsai design.

With this bonsai shear you can cut back very well branch pads or the total crown of your bonsai. It lies comfortably in the hand during work and is easy to handle.

Due to ist special design the power transfer is fine. So it is possible to cut small branches very easy.

Quality: Solid, fine quality, easy to use. Made of rustproof steel from Japan.
Size: 20.5x7.5cm
Weight: 120g
Surface, Design: Black
Material: High quality alloy steel from Japan
Hardiness (according to Rockwell): 54-56 HRC

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