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Wiring is one of the best techniques for styling a bonsai tree.

Correct placement of the bonsai wire is a prerequisite for precise shaping of the bonsai. A branch, for example, can only be bent into the desired position without the risk of it breaking if the wire is correctly positioned.

If used incorrectly, the bonsai wire can also quickly press into the bark or even grow into it. If you then want to remove the bonsai wire, the bark is usually damaged. This damage can be seen for a long time, especially in bonsai trees with smooth bark (e.g. Japanese maple bonsai).

Here on this page we have listed the most common mistakes that should be avoided when possible when wiring a bonsai.

Mistake: Wired too loose

If the bonsai wire is wrapped too loosely it will not give stability after bending

Mistake: Wrong fix point and wire is crossed

In this way the wire should not be fixed to the trunk. At least 2 turns downwards keep better and look better. In addition, there would quickly be a distinctive pressure point at the intersection of the wire.

Mistake: Too many turns, angle too small

Here too many turns were wired. The angle of wire to tree is too small and does not support enough.

Mistake: Wire crossing over

Never cross the wire like that. Bark damage is inevitable.

Mistake: Fixing of the wire too far away

The starting point of the wire is too far away from the branch which should be wired. As a result, the wire is unable to stabilize and hold the branch in a new position.

Mistake: Transition trunk branch clumsy

The top turn on the trunk is too high. This can lead to the wire loosens exactly at this point when bending the branch.

Mistake: Direction during wiring was changed

Here the direction was changed during wiring. This is not a good method. Thus, the bow is hardly stabilize when bending. In addition, the wire grows in faster.

Mistake: Wire ends were not cut

At the end of a branch you should not let any wire get over. If the tree has foliage these ends are not visible. So it can sting quickly uncomfortable. The best is: Cut off the ends with a bonsai wire cutter.

Mistake: Only ugly. It would be better to unwire it

This example shows well the aesthetic effect of an ugly work. Good and discreetly applied wire is nowadays even partially accepted at exhibitions. But this wire would fall through for aesthetic reasons.

Mistake: Shoots unnecessarily "wrapped" in wire

Small shoots were wrapped with. There is no stability, it unnecessarily consumes wire and quickly causes damage to these shoots and their buds.

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