Bonsai pot 27.8x27.8x17.3cm dark brown hexagonal plastic

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High quality plastic bonsai training pot (dark brown, hexagonal) with the size of: 27.8cm length, 27.8cm width, 17.3cm height. Durable and hard plastic, frost- and UV proof (3 years guarantee).

Cheap but good alternative for ceramic bonsai pots during propagation and styling phase of prebonsai or Yamadori (prebonsai from the nature).

Is much more frost resistant as a similiar ceramic pot.

Another advantage over ceramic bonsai pots: The hard and durable plastic bonsai pots are much lighter. A plus point is not to be underestimated, especially if you have large bonsai.

Length: 27.8cm
Width: 27.8cm
Height: 17.3cm

Color: dark brown
Shape: hexagonal

Material: Frost proof and UV-resistant, hard and durable plastic
Watering holes: Available
Holes for fixing the root ball: Available

All lengths are outside dimensions.

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