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Bonsai shear Broad 19cm Basic Plateled

Bonsai shear Broad 19cm Basic Plateled
Numéro d'article: WS-BB-Q1-C
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Description de l'Article

Bonsai shear, Broad, 19x11cm. Important basic tool for bonsai.

With a broad bonsai shear you can cut back very well great branch pads or the total crown of your bonsai. It lies comfortably in the hand during work and is easy to handle.

Broad bonsai shears are also often used for pruning of fine roots during repotting. We recommend to buy another shear for this work because the scissors stupefy fast during earthworks.

Quality: Basic quality, fine for beginner.

Size: 19x11cm
Weight: 190g
Surface, Design: Plateled
Material: Steel
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