Plato para maceta bonsái 27.5x27.5x1.7cm Azul Redonda Esmaltado

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Drip tray for bonsai pots, slip cast made (glaced, blue, round) with the size of: 27.5cm length, 27.5cm width, 1.7cm height. Solid standard quality. This bonsai pot is slip cast made in the famous pottery town Yixing.

Primarily used to collect excess water below indoor bonsai pots. Protects your furniture, windowsill etc. No more damage by feeding water.

Length: 27.5cm
Width: 27.5cm
Height: 1.7cm

Glace: Glaced
Color: Blue
Shape: Round

Production method: The body of this slip cast bonsai pot was created with the help of a plaster mould. After drying it was burned in a tunnel kiln at a temperature of 1100°C.
Material: Liquid clay from Yixing

All lengths are outside dimensions.

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