Japanese spindle tree, Prebonsai, 20 years, 45cm

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20 years old Japanese spindle tree in a bonsai pot. This prebonsai tree is approx. 45cm high and was imported directly from a japanese bonsai nursery.

Euonymus japonicus prebonsai are rarely offered. Not quite understandable, since many properties of the Japanese spindle tree are fine for bonsai styling.

The spindle tree is blooming with inconspicuous, greenish white flowers in april-may. Much more decorative are the red fruits in autumn. They look like a bishop's miter and still hanging long after the leafs fallen down. After cutting Japanese spindle prebonsai get fast a lot of new buds and smaller leafs. This, the red leaves in autuum and the decorative fruits are the reason why an Euonymus bonsai is one of our favorite species. Euonymus is an outdoor bonsai and very hardy. It can tolerate low temperatures well. During winter for this tree a place in an unheated foil tent is fine.

When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 201-18).

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