Hanagokoro Bonsai Fertilizer 3.0kg

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The Hanagokoro Bonsai fertilizer from Japan is very popular and widespread there. You can buy the Hanagokoro fertilizer in any garden market.

The advantages of the Hanagokoro Bonsai fertilizer are:

  • Easy to dose
  • Gentle release of nutrients
  • Fertilizing only every 6 weeks
  • No over-fertilization possible
  • Included algae extracts promote root growth
  • Balanced ratio of nutrients
  • Does not smell, i. they can also fertilize their room bonsai

The Hanagokoro fertilizer is produced in many variants. Here we offer the fertilizer especially for bonsai and other, woody plants such as roses. It is purely biological and organic and consists of rape cake, bone meal, rice bran and algae extracts.

This Bonsai fertilizer contains the most important main nutrients (nitrogen 4%, phosphate 5%, potassium 2%) in a very balanced ratio and is thus well suited for both finished bonsai and for prebonsai (young plants) in the cultivation. The algae extracts have a particularly good effect on root development.

Hanagokoro is very easy to use. Just place the 1-2cm pellets on the ground at a distance of about 5cm and then push the pellets into the ground.

Content: 3.0kg

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