Liquid organic bonsai fertilizer, Explantex, 250ml

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Liquid organic bonsai fertilizer Explantex for kind of bonsai. This balanced fertilizer solution is also suitable for fertilization in autumn and supports the winter hardiness of bonsai.

Special fertilizer for bonsai with 1.6% total nitrogen, 4.3% phosphate, 5.5% potassium, 2.3% calcium and 1.6% magnesium.

Also suitable for all other indoor plants (for example, cacti, succulents, orchids).

Content: 250ml. It is sufficient for approx. 100l of fertilizer solution

Dosage: First time - 2 caps (approx. 18ml) on 2 liters of water. Then 1/2 cap (about 5ml) on 2l of water.

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