Cover grid, plate, 25x25cm

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Plastic cover grid, plate for self-cutting of cover grid for the drainage holes of bonsai pots. Imported from Japan.

With the help of a normal pair of scissors, you can cut this plate into precisely fitting cover grids for the drainage holes of bonsai pots. The grids are then fixed over the drainage hole with bonsai wire before repotting a bonsai.

Advantages of the cover grids

  • Bonsai soil does not trickle out of the drainage hole
  • Excess water can drain away and oxygen can get into the substrate
  • Larger pests cannot penetrate through the drainage holes into the bonsai pot

Material: Plastic, HDPE
Size: 25x25cm
Material thickness: approx. 1.8mm
Mesh size: approx. 4x4mm
Contents: 1 piece

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