Root cutter 20cm Top stainless

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Root cutter (tongs) for bonsai, 20cm, Top, stainless steel.

Used for cutting (shortening, removing) or splitting small and medium roots when repotting. The cutting surfaces allow a sharp and flush cut. No stub remains. The wounds heal better.

In addition, these tongs are used for splitting trunks lengthwise and for shaping deadwood (Jin = dead branches, Shari = dead trunk areas).

Quality: Top quality, precise and smooth-running. Meets the highest demands. Finely crafted surface. Made of corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel.
Size: 20cm
Weight: 175g
Surface, Design: Polished with sandblasting
Material: High-quality stainless steel alloy from Japan, very corrosion-resistant.
Hardiness (according to Rockwell): 54-56 HRC

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