Jute fabric for root bale 1x1m 10 pieces

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Sheet of jute fabric, root ball cloth, 1x1m.

Well suited for fixing the root ball for transport purposes (e.g. when moving nursery stock). It is rotting, i.e. it does not necessarily have to be removed when planting new trees. It decomposes after a few years.

Very helpful for bonsai enthusiasts on yamadori tours. The root ball of excavated trees can be tied up well. This results in less root damage and less failure.

Also useful for wintering bonsai: the root balls of outdoor bonsai are wrapped in the bale cloth (sometimes without potting them out of the bonsai tray) and sunk into the garden in a sheltered place. In this way, the water supply (through the bale cloth) is guaranteed during the winter. In spring, the bonsai can easily be taken out of the ground again. The root ball (and even the tray) remains clean and does not need to be cleaned.

Also popular for decoration purposes in autumn and at Christmas time.

Size: 1x1m
Content: 10 pieces
Material: Jute, coarse, degradable natural fiber, environmentally friendly

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