Bonsai shear azalea 18cm Top stainless

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Bonsai scissors, azalea, 18x6cm, Top, stainless steel. Important tool for the design of bonsai with fine branch pads.

Due to the slim, fine shape, these scissors are ideally suited for precise work in the crown of high-quality, richly branched bonsai. The dense branch cushions of azalea bonsai can be well worked over.

Quality: Top quality, precise and smooth-running. Meets the highest demands. Finely crafted surface. Made of corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel.
Size: 18x6cm
Weight: 74g
Surface, Design: Polished with sandblasting
Material: High-quality stainless steel alloy from Japan, very corrosion-resistant.
Hardiness (according to Rockwell): 54-56 HRC

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