Bonsai videos

Here under bonsai videos you will find an overview of our videos on styling of bonsai and bonsai care. Have fun watching.


Video: Pruning and repotting elm bonsai

Video: Pruning and repotting an elm bonsai (German)

Sometimes a neglected bonsai needs to be reshaped and repotted. Here, a Japanese elm (Ulmus japonica, good bonsai tree for beginners) is used as an example to show how radically this can be done.

Video: Pruning and repotting elm bonsai

Video Satsuki azalea bonsai pruning (Rhododendron indicum)

Video: Pruning Satsuki azalea bonsai (German)

Satsuki azalea bonsai (Rhododendron indicum) tolerate pruning very well. Pruning is important to achieve fine and dense branching. In the video we show a drastic pruning and what needs to be considered.

Video: Azalea bonsai pruning

Video Bonsai Wiring - Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi)

Video: Larch bonsai - initial design + wiring

A prebonsai can be fundamentally formed by wiring. Here, using the example of a Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi), we will discuss what needs to be considered when initially designing and wiring a larch bonsai.

Video: Larch bonsai wiring


Video: Well-drained bonsai soil

Video: Well-drained bonsai soil - What is it ? (German)

A typical beginner's mistake in bonsai care is using bonsai soil that is too fine. Here we show what a "well-drained" bonsai soil is.

Video: Well-drained bonsai soil


Video: Our bonsai stock

Video: Our bonsai stock

We are often asked what bonsai trees we offer in our nursery in Wenddorf. Thats why we have posted a video from our current stock on our YouTube channel. Trees that cannot be found in the shop can be bought directly in Wenddorf.

Video: Our bonsai stock