Sphagnum moss

Sphagnum moss, dried and pressed, best quality with extra long fibers. This sphagnum moss is renewable and production is therefore sustainable. This sphagnum is characterized by extremely high water storage capacity (guarantees a reserve of water) so it is ideal for:

  • Air layering of bonsai: To form new roots quickly to improve the roots (Nebari).
  • Air layering of trees: A must for the production of new plants by air layering (eg, propagation of rare fruit trees, creation of pre-bonsai).
  • After repotting: The application of a surface layer of sphagnum creates ideal conditions for a recovery of the roots.
  • Cultivation of orchids: The orchids need to grow the delicate roots a good permeable substrate with good water holding capacity. Our sphagnum moss is ideal for this purpose. It is antibacterial and reduces the growth of mold and helps prevent disease.
  • Care of terrarium animals: Sphagnum peat moss acts like a sponge. The bound water is released slowly. The result is an optimal climate for terrarium animals such as reptiles, frogs, tarantulas.
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