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Biogold Bonsai fertilizer: Organic, Japan import, easy to dose, odorless, productive, 240g - 5kg packs

Biogold bonsai fertilizer

Biogold fertilizer is very popular with bonsai friends as organic Bonsai fertilizer. The Biogold Bonsai fertilizer was developed in Japan (Prof. Yamaguchi, Ibaragi University) and is produced by the Kyuka-En Bonsai nursery and exported all over the world.

Biogold contains as organic fertilizer all the important nutrients such as nitrogen (5.5%), phosphorus (6.5%) and potassium (3.5%) and the trace elements calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and copper. Biogold can be used for all bonsai but also for other home, balcony and garden plants.

Advantages of Biogold bonsai fertilizer:

  • Organic fertilizer: even release of nutrients, no risk of over-fertilization, no salinisation.
  • Easy to dose: Use 1 pellet on 5x5cm earth surface. After 1-2 months, a pellet is added. The pellets are pressed into the bonsai soil or placed under a fertilizer basket.
  • No unpleasant smell. Will not be considered by pets and can be used with room bonsai.
  • As a complete fertilizer Biogold contains all important nutrients and trace elements.
  • Twice as productive as conventional pellets.
  • Biogold can, of course, also be used for all other indoor plants.

In our online shop we offer Biogold in different packaging from 240g to 5kg. Please choose below:

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