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Akadama bonsai soil: Good stability, permeability, pH-buffering, no compaction - perfect

Akadama bonsai soil is wellknown and used by most of bonsai enthusiasts worldwide. We import Ibaraki Akadama soil directly from Japan. This enables us to offer you a competitive price for all grain sizes of akadama bonsai soil. Ibaraki is the japanese brand name of a high quality kind of akadama.

Ibaraki Akadama has excellent properties as a bonsai soil

  • Provides a good stability for your bonsai trees
  • Very good air permeability
  • Nearly no tendency to soil compaction
  • Excellent drainage properties (very good against root rot)
  • High ability to hold nutrients in the soil
  • Good buffering capacity against pH fluctuations

The name Akadama means "red soil". Akadama soil is mined in Japan from volcanic soil (island of Honshu, Mountain Akayi - near Tokyo). Once extracted its dried and sifted to various grain sizes. Please select the grain size you need below:

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