Latest news from our Bonsai nursery 2019

New: Bonsai tree species

We have created a new overview page for tree species suitable for bonsai design and will be updating all maintenance tips in the next few weeks. Have fun while reading.

Chinese elm - contributions to care, pruning + many new bonsai trees

We import our indoor bonsai directly from the manufacturer from China. In order to be able to offer the best bonsai plants, we select the bonsai directly in the various export nurseries.

The plants will come to us in February or March by container and will then be restyled for several months. Chinese elms grow very fast. Already in the middle of August, after pruning about three times, they are in a very good quality.

In the stock we have about 700 plants. The first 150 pieces we have placed in the online shop. Including larger bonsai up to 90cm in height. At the same time, we have created or revised contributions for the care of the Chinese elm and for pruning.

Have fun reading or choosing your Chinese elm.

Chinese elms bonsai before import from a Chinese bonsai export nursery

Import of Chinese elm bonsai

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Bonsai import Japan 2019 - impressions

For our 2019 import of bonsai from Japan, we selected the trees in various export gardeners around Tokyo and Yokohama in September 2018. The first video shows impressions from one of the gardeners visited. A part of the purchased Satzuki azaleas can be seen in the second video.

The container arrives at Wenddorf in mid-March 2019. After the inspection of the bonsai by the plant protection all trees except the white pines and juniper are immediately available. Pines and junipers have to remain in quarantine until about July.

Have fun watching.

Bonsai import Japan 2019 - impressions

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