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Bonsai pot 35x31x10,5cm beige oval glaced

  • SKU: P35OV23042D
Item currently out of stock
Bonsai pot 35x31x10,5cm beige oval glaced
Item currently out of stock

Bonsai pot (Glaced, Beige-darkbrown, Oval), handmade, with the size of: 35cm length, 31cm width, 10,5cm height.

Quality: Very high-quality handwork (brand: Dot Pot Ceramics, potter: Detlef Goroll, unique piece with no.42 from 2023).
Purpose: This pot is fired tightly and does not absorb any water. As a result, it is frost-resistant and is preferably used for potting outdoor bonsai.

Length: 35cm
Width: 31cm
Height: 10,5cm
Height of the bonsai pot (Inside): 8,5cm

Glace: Glaced
Color: Beige-darkbrown
Shape: Oval

Drainage holes: Available. Good drainage reduces root damage (root rot).
Wire Holes: Available. Enable a good fixation of the root ball when repotting. As a result, the bonsai grows better.

Production method: The main body of this bonsai pot was made with the help of a turntable. Than the raw body was smoothed acurately by hand. During drying it was corrected several times. After drying, the bonsai pot was biscuit-fired at around 900°C. The glaze + oxide was applied before the 2nd firing at approx. 1200-1220°C (FAN). Due to the high temperature in the kiln, the pot is fired tightly (the ceramic no longer absorbs water) and is frost-resistant.
Material: Own mixture of special types of clay from german manufacturers

If not differently declared the length data are outside dimensions.

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