Japanese wisteria, Bonsai, 8 years, 69cm

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8 years old Japanese wisteria in a plastic bonsai pot. This bonsai is approx. 69cm high and was imported directly from a japanese bonsai nursery.

Japanese Wisteria (botanical Wisteria floribunda, family Fabaceae) is a deciduous climbing plant, native to Japan. It forms up to 30m long shoots.

Impressive are the light blue inflorescences ( up to 40cm lengths) of Japanese wisteria in May to June.

As a bonsai Wisteria floribunda prefers full sun to semi-shade and a well drained soil like Akadama. As an Outdoor bonsai Japanese Wisteria tolerate light frosts very well.

Japanese Wisteria needs regular pruning through the growing season to keep its branches under control.

We select the offered Wisteria bonsai by ourself in a Japanese Bonsai Nursery.

When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 081-28).

Important note on the size: A bonsai is a tree in a bonsai pot. For this reason the size of the bonsai is in every case the size with the bonsai pot.

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