White pine bonsai for sale

White pine bonsai - General:

The Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora, also Pinus pentaphylla, Japanese Hime Komatsu - 姫小松 or Goyō Matsu - 五葉松) comes from Japan and grows there mainly in the mountains (1000-2000m altitude). It occurs in both dry and extremely rainy locations. The Japanese white pine grows in nature up to 25m high. The 5 needle tufts become, depending upon sort, 2-6cm long.

Japanese white pine bonsai are very popular and have many advantages for bonsai design.

  • A White pine bonsai is hardy. We overwinter Pinus parviflora in an unheated foil tent without any problems
  • Evergreen, 5 needle pine = Very soft appearance of the needle pads
  • Due to low annual growth, little effort for pruning. You can easily build up dense cushions
  • Japanese white pine bonsai are hardly affected by pests
  • Branches remain flexible for a long time. This means that older White pine can also be well designed as bonsai

White pine bonsai - Location

A bright and sunny outdoor location is very important. Frost can tolerate a White pine bonsai very well. We hibernate the White pines in the unheated foil tent down to -15°C without any problems.

White pine bonsai - Bonsai soil

A well permeable substrate is extremely important (prevention of waterlogging). Akadama is often used. Since bonsai of the White pine, especially the older specimens, are only repotted every 4-5 years, we recommend the Kiryu bonsai soil. It keeps the structure longer than Akadama and thus ensures good permeability of the soil for water and oxygen.

White pine bonsai - Fertilization

Fertilization is carried out mainly from March to September with conventional organic fertilizers (e. g. Biogold bonsai fertilizer, Hanagokoro, but also conventional pine fertilizers) in solid form, which are worked into the substrate surface. Fertilisation can also be carried out with liquid fertiliser.

White pine bonsai - Bonsaistyles

Most styles, except the broom shape, are quite possible.

Bonsai Japanese girl pine (Pinus pentaphylla) - Forest design with rocks. Bonsai from the Botanical Garden in Shanghai

Bonsai Japanese girl pine - Forest

White pine bonsai - wiring

Pine branches are very pliable, which gives you more creative freedom than other species. The ends of the shoots should be wired upwards.

White pine bonsai - Pictures Japan Import:

We import all White pine bonsai directly from Japan. For this purpose, the goods are selected by hand in various Japanese export nurseries in the autumn. The trees are then transported to Germany by ship container.

The container usually reaches us at the end of February. Unfortunately the bonsai cannot be sold immediately. They must first be quarantined for approx. 3 months to prevent the introduction of plant diseases and pests. During the quarantine period we are regularly inspected by German Plant Protection.

In the following we have uploaded some pictures of Export nurseries in Japan and the unloading of a container.

White pine bonsai import Japan

White pine bonsai import Japan

White pine bonsai import Japan

White pine bonsai - Video