Redwood bonsai for sale

A sequoia tree is a popular bonsai tree species and grows very vigorous in a bonsai pot. Thus good design results can be achieved quickly with a sequoia tree. Sequoia bonsai, especially the Dawn redwood bonsai, quickly compensate errors in care by their vigour. They are very suitable for bonsai beginners.

There are 3, still today occurring sequoia species: The coastal sequoia (Sequoia sempervirens, very tall and slender), the giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum, very thick trunk) and the Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides, living fossil). The latter is mainly styled as a bonsai. If you want to buy a sequoia bonsai we recommend this tree species. It is often offered in shops, is cheap and absolutely suitable for beginners.

As bonsai, sequoia trees need a sunny outdoor location, a well-permeable bonsai soil, sufficient water in summer and plenty of fertilizer. The combination of Akadama bonsai soil as substrate with an organic fertilizer like Biogold is well suited.

Sequoia bonsai are absolutely hardy and tolerate even very low temperatures. However, they should be protected from drying out during long frost periods (protected from the wind, as high a humidity as possible). Strictly upright style is particularly suitable as a design style. It comes closest to the natural growth form and usually works best with a sequoia Bonsai tree.

The sequoia trees offered for sale here in the shop we mostly imported as prebonsai (= raw material, coarsely designed source plants) directly from Asia. After the import, they are cut into shape and further styled by us for approx. 1 year. In our bonsai nursery in Wenddorf we also offer sequoia bonsai from 1-year-old young plants.

At the bottom of the page you will find some pictures of our plants.

Stock of Metasequoia bonsai in the bonsai nursery Wenddorf

Stock of Metasequoia bonsai

Employee of our bonsai nursery Wenddorf when pruning Metasequoia bonsai

Employee pruning Metasequoia bonsai

Bonsai nursery in China, which i.a. also produces Metasequoia bonsai

Bonsai nursery in China, which produces Metasequoia bonsai

Selection of bonsai directly by us in Asia. In the foreground Podocarpus bonsai

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