Redwood bonsai

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A redwood is a popular bonsai species and grows very quickly even in the bonsai pot. With a sequoia tree, good results can be achieved quickly when styling as a bonsai. Redwood bonsai quickly compensate for mistakes in bonsai care through their growth vigor.

What are the advantages of a redwood as a bonsai ?

Redwood bonsai for sale

We import the sequoia trees available for purchase here in the shop mostly from Asia. In Wenddorf we also offer redwood bonsai from our own production. Here you can buy your redwood bonsai. Orders placed on weekdays until 2 pm. are dispatched the same day.

Redwood bonsai care in a nutshell:

Wiring: After applying the bonsai wire, the branches can be easily bent and shaped well. Use a bonsai wire cutter for an redwood bonsai if you want to unwire the bonsai

Fertilisation: Fertilize during the growing season abundantly with a common Bonsai fertilizer (like Biogold, Hanagokoro, Liquid bonsai fertilizer).

Irrigation: Sequoia bonsai need a lot of water in midsummer and then often have to be watered in the morning and evening.

Pruning: Cut back 2-3 times a year with a sharp bonsai scissor (for young shoots) or a concave bonsai cutter for removing stonger branches. The dawn redwood grows very quickly with good fertilization.

Overwintering: The sequoia is absolutely hardy. We hibernate the bonsai in the unheated foil tent down to -15 ° C without any noteworthy problems.

Repotting: At the beginning of March, repot into a well-drained bonsai soil (for example Akadama) with a strong pruning of the roots.

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