Japanese crabapple bonsai

The Japanese mountain crabapple bonsai (Toringo crabapple, Siebold's crabapple, Malus toringo sargentii) is popular as an ornamental apple bonsai because of its white pink blossom (flowering April, fragrant) and numerous small fruits. It grows rapidly so it is easy to style a nice bonsai crown in a short period of time.

Advantages of Japanese mountain crabapple for bonsai

  • Like other ornamental apple varieties the Toringo crabapple's blooming abundantly as bonsai
  • Malus toringo crabapple bonsai develop after flowering many fruits. They often hang long on the tree
  • Rapid growth with good growth in thickness. You'll quickly develop fast good stems or branches
  • Perfect wound closure. Even large wounds closed quickly after pruning a Toringo crabapple bonsai
  • Abundant bud formation after drastic pruning. It is important to establish a fine branching
  • Japanese mountain crabapples are good for entry into the hobby Bonsai
  • Malus toringo is as a bonsai absolutely hardy down to -10°C at minimum.

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