Juniper bonsai for sale

Juniper bonsai: Pronounced winter hardiness ✅ Longevity ✅ Suitable for deadwood design ✅ Minimal care required ✅

Juniper bonsai (Juniperus) are generally suitable for bonsai design. Juniper are often sold commercially as bonsai. Particularly popular are bonsai from Chinese juniper (especially variety Shimpaku). More rare are bonsai of the Japanese needle juniper (Juniperus rigida), Common juniper (Juniperus communis) and Virginia juniper (Juniperus virginiana).

Juniper Bonsai buy bonsai friends especially for the following reasons: Pronounced winter hardiness, good suitability for deadwood, low maintenance. Important is a sunny location.

Japanese needle juniper and China juniper bonsai are offered for sale are mostly imported from japanese bonsai nurseries. Bonsai from Common juniper, Chinese juniper and Virginia juniper we produce as prebonsai in our bonsai nursery.

Juniperus bonsai for sale

Here you can choose your Juniper bonsai. Orders on weekdays until 14 o'clock are still shipped on the same day. You get exactly the bonsai you selected in the shop. Safely packed. Have fun choosing.

Juniper bonsai - Pictures Japan Import:

We import most juniper bonsai directly from Japan. The junipers are selected by hand in the autumn in Japanese export nursery. The selected junipers are then transported in January of the following year in a refrigerated container to Germany.

Most juniper bonsai arrive at the end of February, but unfortunately can not be sold immediately. The bonsai must be quarantined for at least 3 months (usually until the beginning of July) to prevent the introduction of plant diseases and pests. During the quarantine period, we are inspected monthly by the German Crop Protection.

On the following pictures you can see the offer of juniper bonsai and prebonsai in Japan.

Juniper (Juniperus) bonsai before import from japan

Juniper (Juniperus) bonsai before import from japan

Juniper (Juniperus) prebonsai before import from japan

Juniper (Juniperus) bonsai selection before import from japan